Sunday, March 1, 2009

Playing Outside

A little catch

some time in the sandbox
back up the hill...
down with speed
Go Sis!
Look hands!
trailing a boat around the island
Experiencing Grandma Soltero's new chair

Pre-Valentine's Day Party at the Cook's

B loved this brownie!!!
Baylee is meeting the Valentine's Day frog
AJ is decorating her heart brownie with frosting and candy with Grandpa Cook
showing off hoiday tattoos
decorating Grandma Cook's candy tree
Making valentine's for the grandparents

Baylee is showing us the sign for "toobrush/brush teeth"
Baylee has found her new place in the world

Steve's & Kaye's Birthday Party at the Cook's

presents and wrapping paper throwing fun! In honor of Aunt Steph of course!
Steve and his mom have the same birthday! Look at the smoke from the candles!
Grandma Cook with Baylee! Happy Birthday Grandma!
AJ helped Grandma in the kitchen for dinner
Sweet girl!

Lots of Love

Aunt Molly showed B the make-up routine... blush anyone?
Getting bundled to go on a jog with mom

Hugs...later turned into wrestling:)
Valentine's Day cookies that didn't really make it out of our house...
Caden and Ashlyn frosted their own too!
A little taste here....a little lick there...

Kids in Motion

Time for a ball race...Caden is the oldest in AJ's gym class (Kids in Motion)
Are you ready to rumble? AJ just jumped into the can see her feet!
Time for dancing and spinning the ribbons...they ended up being used as weapons...
Bag race at gym class
Caden turned the shopping cart we won into a stoller for his baby Spencer
Baylee got a stroller for Valentine's Day ( a little early) so she took her baby for a spin

Top Food Winner and More!

Here is Baylee in her new hat!
Ashlyn's a proud supporter as well!
Baylee kept trying to push the cart around the house..wonder why?!
The kids and their winner's loot!
Saying goodbye to their trucks from Papa Soltero...they only made it out the door for now
Baylee on the swing with Steve
The kids got their faces painted at the top food store opening. We also won the store grocery cart with food...wahoo!

Steve's Birthday Celebration!

Miss B loves being outside!
The chocolate still in the wraper from the pinata
Steve's pinata for his 32nd Birthday! It fits...he was Mr. Incredible for Halloween!
AJ taking a turn trying to break the pinata open!
Steve's choco birthday cake in the shape of a golf ball

Baylee and Caden walking up the bus to pick up Ashlyn after preschool!

Park City, Utah- Boy's Trip

Grandma & Grandpa Cook took Caden and Steve on a trip to Park City this last Jan. Caden got to ride on an airplane for the first time and loved it, especially the take off! He went on a carriage ride, got to ski for the first time, visited with Uncle Jason and Aunt Brittany and also got to visit with our friends that moved away two years ago this April. He got lots of sledding time in and was all about the snow! He even went with Steve on the Alpine Coaster twice! Love it and thank you Gma and Gpa Cook!

Uncle Jason and Aunt Brittany with Caden
The Johnson Family came sledding with Steve and Caden! Jeri and Blake are the parents and they brought their son Strat and daughter Miss Marley who we never got the chance to meet until now! We miss them and will hopefully see them again soon! 

Packed up and ready to go!